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 Our Staff 

We are very proud to have such talented and dedicated staff working here at Huron Academy. Each and every staff member possesses their own unique talents, but the entire staff works together as a team to make Huron Academy one of the top schools in the area. See below to find out information about our exemplary staff.

Teacher's Quick Links

Meet our Staff!

Mr. Arbulu

Ms. Genova

Mr. Leone

Ms. Moore

Mrs. Al-Koga

Mrs. Tanalski

Aides/Day Care

Ms. Stanczak

Ms. Palmer

Ms. Borkowski

Custodial Staff

Ms. Wheeler

Mrs. Martinez

Mrs. Hayden

Mrs. DiCicco

Mrs. Courtney

Mrs. Abke-Hicks

Mrs. Stewart

Mrs. Leach

Ms. Schroeder

Mr. Miramonti

Miss Leach

Mrs. Knott

Mrs. Hampel

Ms. Gillette

Mrs. Kellerman

Mrs. Aude

Mrs. Alger

Mrs. Lane

Mrs. Robling

Mrs. Litke

Mrs. Schwartz

Mrs. Lane

Mr. Payne

Mrs. LaGorio

Mrs. Hinton

Mrs. LaPeer

Mr. ​Zieglowsky

Mrs. Payne

Mrs. Jackson

Ms. Tabbert

Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Whitehead

Mrs. Lewis

Ms. Kuula

Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Schrage

Miss Dominick

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Gray

Mrs. Franchy

Mr. Clark

Mrs. Wyckhuys

Miss Ross

Mrs. Currier

Mrs. Ropes

Mrs. Powell

Mrs. Gardella

Mrs. Alonzi

Mrs. Alonzi

Mrs. Wolshon

Mrs. Gouin

Mrs. DaPra

Mrs. Casbar

Mrs. Mills

Mrs. Miller

Ms. McKay

Mrs. Brink

Mrs. Falotico

Jena Lenz

Paula Bremerkamp

Mark Talbot