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Mrs. Lenz

Jena Lenz

Assistant Principal; Female Civil Rights Officer

Serving as Assistant Principal and primarily assisting grades third through eighth at the Utica location is Jena Lenz.  She has been with Huron Academy for fifteen years teaching various grade levels as well as holding the Curriculum Director position.  She is a graduate of Oakland University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a major in Language Arts.  She continued her educational path earning a Masters’ Degree in Educational Leadership as well.  She is a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals as well as an active member of CS Partners Leaders’ Academy. She is also a highly qualified graduate of Ferris State’s B.E.S.T. leadership cohort and continues working with effective leaders across the state of Michigan.  She leads the Data Teams initiative at the Academy, which focuses on using individual student data to drive instruction.

As the Assistant Principal she plans to assist in guiding our school in a direction where student achievement is a primary focus of all stakeholders. Her greatest strengths include, but are not limited to, curriculum design and improvement, performance standards development, teacher mentoring, standardized testing, program management and coordination, and workshop and seminar presentations.  Furthermore, she is adept at fostering strong working relationships with all members of the local and school communities. She is extremely passionate about student achievement and educational reform.  Her goal as a school leader is to meet the needs of both educators and students.  She plans to continue to provide our teachers with the necessary tools and professional development to help our students succeed.

Mrs. Lenz encourages you to contact her with any needs from 9:00 – 4:00 at 586.690.8180.  You may also feel free to email her at  lenzj@huronacademy.org.