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Ms. LaPeer

Gym Teacher 3-8

Hi! My name is Brianna LaPeer. I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and another Bachelor of Science in Health Education.  I also graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2021 with a Master of Arts in Education: Learning Disabilities.

I will be teaching grades 3-8 in physical education and in health education. My classes are all structured to be developmentally appropriate to the grade level. Grades 3-5 will be introduced to various sports skills that they will hopefully use later in their lives. Grades 6-8 will run very similar to the upper elementary grade levels but with the exception of more advanced sport skills and the classes will be gender specific.

Also for 8th grade students, they will be required to take a Health class. Students will learn a variety of different health skills. Those health skills will include analyzing influences, assessing information, communication, making decisions, setting goals, practicing healthy behaviors, and advocacy. Students will use these seven skills in the following categories: social/emotional health, nutrition and physical activity, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, safety, personal wellness, and reproductive health (Students are able to opt out for the reproductive health portion of the class without penalty).

Please feel free to contact me at lapeerb@huronacademy.org or blapeer.pe@gmail.com

Website: https://blapeerpeclasses.weebly.com/

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