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This is where you can find insight from the principal, and stories about the school from his perspective. Scroll down to see his most recent posts! 

Mr. Talbot

Support State Funding for our Children

March 19, 2018 Hello Huron Families, I need your help. It is that time of year where state legislators are...

Mr. Talbot

Peaceful Demonstration

March 14, 2018 From the Principal Today we witnessed the first amendment to the constitution in action: The Freedom of...

Mr. Talbot

Are Our Children Safe?

February 16, 2018 From the Principal The tragedy that befell the community of Parkland, Florida, like Sandy Hook and Columbine...

Mr. Talbot

Traditional Grading vs. Standard’s Based Grading

January 30, 2018 From the Principal Recently I have spoken to a number of our parents about our reporting of...