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Joshua Sobczak


Mr. Sobczak serves as Superintendent/Principal at Huron Academy.  He has been working in education for 10 years.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design & Technology, both from Wayne State University.

Mr. Sobczak has taught all grade levels in some capacity.  He primarily focused on English and social studies at the secondary level, but has additionally taught classes like Honors Law, Theatre, and Hip-Hop & Poetry.  While teaching, he also developed curriculum, led a number of student groups, and worked closely with staff on transcript audits, schedules, and professional development in general.

In his current role, Mr. Sobczak focuses on the students.  From conflict resolution to character building, it is his goal to shape and prepare all of his students for a successful life outside of the classroom.

Mr. Sobczak is deeply passionate about building relationships with students, parents, and the community at large, and believes that the more advocates we all have, the better our society is.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Sobczak at sobczakj@huronacademy.org or 586-690-8180 at any time.

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