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 About Us 

Huron Academy is a PreK-8 public charter school in Sterling Heights, MI, serving more than 500 students. We practice high expectations by delivering a rigorous curriculum that is traditional in nature. Huron Academy strongly believes in the whole child and has a strong character education component along with a focus on individual student needs.

Students at Huron Academy get close personal attention from teachers and support staff through numerous programs. We also have an active parent organization that supports school improvement initiatives. 

Huron Academy provides extensive teacher professional development and uses late start days and its daily schedule to support teacher collaboration for student learning. Teachers at Huron Academy participate in Professional Learning Communities focused on instructional strategies in a data-driven decision-making environment.

Mission Statement

Huron Academy’s mission is to be a leader in the areas of academic excellence and safety, while developing the character of our students.



The school seeks to lead public charter elementary schools in Michigan and traditional public elementary schools in Macomb County, in academic excellence, as measured on state and national tests. The school seeks to promote the development of character in our students, as measured by a safe and orderly environment, where all children are accepted and can learn.



Goal 1.

  • Lead all Ferris State University charter schools on the State mandated test scores
  • Lead all Michigan public charter schools on the State mandated test scores
  • Lead all Macomb County elementary schools on the State mandated test scores

Goal 2.

  • The average score on the Authorizer mandated test for Huron Academy on a grade by grade basis will be
    above the 60th percentile for all Michigan schools taking the test.

Awards & Accolades

We are proud to have received numerous awards and accolades here at Huron Academy. Some of these include:

  • Shining Star Award last received 2020. Have received each year since 2001 from Ferris State University
  • North Central Accreditation for excellence since 2001
  • Academic Excellence Award in 2003 for advanced MEAP scores
  • Summit Award in 2001 for leadership from MAPSA
  • Entrepreneurial Award in 2003 for leadership from Chancellor Beacon


In addition, we also are very proud to have our students consistently perform well on standardized tests. At Huron Academy, our students complete the M-Step Test and the NWEA MAP Test.

Huron Academy is under the management of CS Partners, an educational consulting company which provides cost-saving human resources and business services to schools in the State of Michigan.  To learn more about CS Partners, visit www.charterschoolpartners.com.



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