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Mrs. Hinton

Explore Teacher K-2

Hello!  My name is Margaret Hinton. I graduated from Oakland University in April of 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a major in Social Studies and a minor in Language Arts. This is my sixth year teaching at Huron Academy.  This will be my third year teaching “EXPLORE”. In this class your child will dig deeper into the subjects of language, social studies and science to enhance the kindergarten through second grade curriculum.  I will use movement, music, centers and hands on exploration to help your child develop a deeper understanding of the topic we a studying.

In Kindergarten our main focus will be on letters, sounds and sight words for language portion. Plants, animals, weather are some of the topics we will cover in science.

In First Grade we will focus on letter blends, sight words and decoding words. Science exploration will include light, sound, structure and function of plants and animals, Sun. moon, and stars.

In Second Grade we will begin with sight words and then add science topics covered in second grade. These include matter, ecosystems, earth systems and engineering design.

Please feel free to contact me at hintonm@huronacademy.org.  I am looking forward to a great year at Huron Academy.

Website: hintonm.weebly.com