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Summer School 

We’re pleased to announce that our summer school team has been formed and they are excited about bringing 6 more weeks of instruction to our students. Here is the set-up:

Kindergarten – Mrs. Ellis

1st grade – Mr. Achs

2nd Grade – Mrs. Ciboch

3rd Grade – Mrs. Bilewicz

4th Grade – Mrs. Franchy

5th Grade – Ms.T.Tanalski

Middle School – Ms. Wargo & Ms. Lewis

We will be opening these classrooms on Monday June 22, 2020 and this year for the first time they are open to every student who wishes to participate. We will be continuing an online format as we have for the past 3 months with regular lessons that will be available until the end of July. It is our hope and desire that students will continue the distance learning format to further prepare themselves for return to school in the fall. We are setting up special summer school Google Classrooms. Please check your email for the Google Classroom codes and instructions for signing up. We are excited to see our students in this unique opportunity to continue learning throughout the summer – so please sign up.

Please feel free to contact tech support at askme@huronacademy.org with any questions!

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