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Volume 2, Issue 10

In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves in the final days of the school year. This year has seen many ups and downs, especially with the loss of one of our cherished school leaders, but we are ending the year on a bright note. From our standardized test results showing one of the strongest years we’ve ever had in terms of growth to beginning to lay plans for the merging of our two campuses, the future of our school is looking as exciting as ever.

Equally exciting is our APEX Fundraiser, which currently underway. Organized by our PTC, this fundraiser gets kids excited about learning while raising money for our school – and early projections indicate that we’ll smash the fundraising record set last year!

Finally, what is causing the most excitement as we wrap up the 23-24 school year is the implementation of a house system. When people hear about a house system, they may think of Harry Potter; however, house systems have been in many prestigious schools for well over 100 years. Schools that have house systems report a strong sense of community, higher academic achievement, and fewer discipline issues. This was a longtime goal of Mrs. Bremerkamp, and over the past two years, we’ve sent roughly 18 of our staff members to Atlanta, GA to observe this model in place. Every single person that went was heavily impressed with what they saw, and we’re looking forward to putting our own spin on things this fall. Stay tuned for more correspondence from the school regarding this!

We thank you all for a great school year; while the school days are coming to an end, rest assured that our staff will be working hard to make 24-25 a phenomenal school year for our entire community.

Have a safe, relaxing, and FUN summer, and we’ll see you in the fall.


Joshua Sobczak,

Important Dates
  • June 4 – Middle School Informational Night (5:30pm @ Utica)
  • June 5 – 3rd & 4th Grade Concert (6pm @ Utica)
  • June 6 – Senior Clapout (1:30pm @ Utica)
  • June 9 – Mrs. Bremerkamp Memorial Dedication (5pm @ Utica)
  • June 11 – Field Day
  • June 13 – MS Completion Ceremony (9:30am @ Utica)
  • June 14 – Kindergarten Celebration (8:30am @ Dodge Park)
  • June 14 – Last day of school!
  • July 8 – Summer Academy begins

  • Check your bedrooms and backpacks for any books, laptops, or other school property – we need all materials returned by the last day of the school.
  • Make sure all latchkey accounts are paid in full by the end of the school year!
  • Please make sure to follow our social media pages for the most up-to-date information.


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