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Volume 1, Issue 1

September 2022

A Message from Mr. Sobczak

Friends and Families,

We find ourselves at the start of a new school year once again, and Huron Academy is pleased to welcome back both new and returning students alike for another fun year of learning.

This year will see the return of some of the things we’ve missed out on for the past several years, such as field trips, as well as some newer extracurricular offerings and updated PTC events. In my email sent over the summer, I highlighted some of our new additions to the staff, all of whom are bringing an excitement and energy to our classrooms that is sure to keep our students engaged and focused. While Mr. Talbot’s retirement will take most of us some time to get used to (myself included!), I’m confident that the hard work our staff has put in over the summer will bring positive changes and continued academic excellence.

One such change is our homework policy. We know how busy our families are in the evenings, and as such no assignment sent as homework will be due immediately the next morning. Likewise, we’re expanding our tutoring and classwork help options to ensure our kids can get the support they need. Make sure you are in communication with your students’ teachers so you can always be aware of their specific classroom policies!

Overall, we are thrilled for the 22-23 school year, and look forward to continuing working with our families to help our students reach their maximum potential. Do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any other member of our team with questions or concerns throughout the school year.


Joshua Sobczak

Important Dates
  • September 12 – First Day of Preschool
  • September 13 – PTC Meeting (6:30 @ Utica Campus)
  • September 16 – Late Start
  • September 30 – Late Start 


  • NWEA Testing starts soon; look for emails with more details
  • Make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and fun
  • Review and sign our new handbook if you haven’t already done so!
    Complete your lunch forms as soon as possible!

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