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Volume 1, Issue 5

January 2023

A Message from Mr. Sobczak

Happy New Year! I hope that the break treated you all well. Last month was a busy, but fun, one for our school, complete with concerts, sports, chess competitions, and our incredible PTC Holiday Hoopla. It was also a heartwarming and inspiring end to 2022, with hat and glove donations, and a food drive organized by our amazing third grade students all on their own, inspired by the Positivity Project.

If there’s one thing I wish for in 2023, it’s more positivity and improvement in the world. Our little school community is always striving for more positivity; whether it’s boosting study skills, encouraging healthy eating habits, ways to learn conflict resolution, or simply being kind to strangers, self-improvement is always at the forefront of our minds in January, and we’re trying to do so through a positive lens here at Huron Academy.

One such way that this is unfolding is through our honor roll criteria for Husky Honors. Beginning a few months ago, staff and administration worked closely to redefine the award criteria so that there would be more consistency and equity among the grade levels, while also holding firm to our core values of academic integrity, rigor, and prowess through the framework of character education. You can see some of these changes here: https://tinyurl.com/5n7c8nrs

The staff at Huron Academy works tirelessly to ensure that your children are always receiving a quality education in a safe environment. We are mapping and updating curriculum, expanding extracurricular offerings, and sending staff to trainings to further enhance the lives of our students. Please be sure to thank our staff, and let’s work together to keep 2023 a positive and great year for all of us.


Joshua Sobczak

Important Dates
  • Jan. 3 – Classes Resume
  • Jan. 5 – MS Field Trip Meeting
  • Jan. 6 – Late Start Friday
  • Jan. 9 – NWEA Testing Begins
  • Jan. 9 – Kids Heart Challenge
  • Jan. 10 – PTC Meeting
  • Jan. 13 – Last Day of Q2
  • Jan. 16 – No School (MLK)
  • Jan. 19 – Parent Teacher Conferences/Half Day (No Aftercare)
  • Jan. 20 – Half Day
  • Jan. 27 – Late Start Friday
  •  Feb. 1 – Husky Honors


  • Huron Academy will be shifting to Bloomz as its communication tool in the coming weeks, with a full schoolwide launch expected in the 23-24 school year. Check your emails regularly for updates.
  • PTC Volunteers are always needed. Reach out and help out!
  • Don’t forget to get caught up with any outstanding fees prior to report card distribution!

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