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Volume 1, Issue 7

March 2023

A Message from Mr. Sobczak

Greeting Huron Academy Families,

We hope you had a great Midwinter break last week, but it’s been wonderful to see all of our friends once more as classes resumed this week – welcome back!

Today is the first day of March, which is National Reading Month! As an avid reader and former literature teacher, this is one of my favorite times of year, and myself and the rest of the Huron Academy are looking forward to all of the exciting activities we have planned. From guest readers to casual days to prizes that range from books to zoo tickets (our theme is “The Zoo” this year), our staff is working hard to ensure that our March is Reading
Month festivities will be both educational and fun.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for our kids to read at least twenty minutes a day at home. From an academic perspective, we encourage reading because it increases concentration, boosts vocabulary, and has a positive effect on grades. However, there are other huge benefits as well: a boost in creativity, increased empathy for those who are different, opportunities to learn about other cultures, as well as the physical effects of relaxation and stress-reduction. On top of that, it is just plain fun, and it can be a fun family activity.

There are plenty of benefits to daily reading, more than I can list here, and no negative consequences to it – reading is simply one of the best activities available to us.

So for this month, I encourage you, your kids, and all others to make it a point to carve out at least twenty minutes a day for reading, and enjoy the
benefits it brings to you and your family.


Joshua Sobczak

Important Dates
  • Mar. 3 – Late Start Friday
  • Mar. 3 – PTC Casual Day
  • Mar. 4 – DI Competition Mar. 7 – Evening Enrollment Support @ Utica (5-8pm)
  • Mar. 11 – Weekend Enrollment Support @ Utica (10am-2pm)
  • Mar. 14 – PTC Meeting (6:30pm @ Utica)
  • Mar. 17 – Late Start Friday
  • Mar. 24 – Last Day of Q3
  • Mar. 30 – Half Day/Conferences
  • Mar. 31 – Half Day (No Aftercare)


  • Download the PowerSchool app to stay completely up to date on your child’s academic progress.
  • PTC Volunteers are always needed. Reach out and help out!
  • Daylight Saving Time is March 12th – Spring Forward!
  • Make sure you regularly monitor social media, email, and classroom apps for last minute updates!

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