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Volume 2, Issue 2

October 2023

A Message from Mr. Sobczak

Huron Academy Families,

With hot lunch back on the plates, NWEA testing for the fall now complete, and schedules and classroom protocols in place, the school year is well under way for our students, and they have been getting into a routine along with our staff (and likely, you parents).

The first weeks of school can be hectic, as we are all adjusting to these new routines, but establishing them early on is the best way to ensure a great school year for our learners. Check their folders every day, give them at least 20 minutes of reading time nightly, allow them time to work on IXL/Moby Max for some fun math and reading practice, and most importantly, make it a point to talk your kids every day about their school day in general. Not only do these routines help foster academic success for students, but they can help make the school year a good one for parents. Consider also joining the PTC, as networking with other parents and getting extra support is a great way for a family to grow stronger!

Speaking of growing stronger, our Huron Academy family has been working hard to improve our traffic flow at dismissal times, and the Metro campus will be trying new procedures as early as this week. Much of the design for the new system came about from the input of our families – we thank you for the feedback!

We’re always taking feedback and looking for volunteers, as we cannot succeed without your support – we thank you for that support, and for working with us to keep our learners strong and growing.


Joshua Sobczak

Important Dates
  • Oct. 4 – Count Day
  • Oct. 5 – Picture Day
  • Oct. 6 – Parent Tailgate
  • Oct. 10 – PTC Meeting (6:30 @ Utica)
  • Oct. 13 – Late Start Friday
  • Oct. 27 – Last Day of Quarter 1
  • Oct. 27 – Late Start Friday
  • Oct. 27 – PTC Trunk or Treat
  • Nov. 2 – Half-Day
  • Nov. 2 – Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Nov. 3 – Half-Day (no latchkey)


  • October 4th is count day – make sure your kids are in school that day. Our funding depends on attendance that day, so if you see appointments or other events on the calendar for that day, please reschedule so your child(ren) can be in school that day.
  • If you get a letter regarding incomplete vaccinations, please contact your child’s doctor or the health department for shots or waivers.

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